Justin Wren

Meet Justin Wren


Justin Wren has been fighting all of his life – from being bullied as a kid, to a stellar early wrestling career and national championship, to becoming a star UFC fighter. In his book Fight for the Forgotten and an upcoming documentary, Justin shares how God shifted his focus from fighting in the cage to fighting for the most bullied people in the world.

Justin Wren is known for his successful mixed martial arts career in the UFC. Early in his career, he appeared on the Spike reality show, “The Ultimate Fighter,” cementing his reputation as a dominating force in the heavyweight division. His current MMA record of 15-2 remains an impressive testament to his skill.

But many are surprised to find this 6-foot-3-inch, 265-pound fighter has an even bigger heart.

After discovering his faith following a six-year struggle with addiction and depression in his early career, Wren stepped away from MMA to find God’s purpose for his life.

He soon felt called to serve the Mbuti Pygmy people deep in the jungles of the Congo. Through Justin’s Fight for the Forgotten initiative, this formerly enslaved people group is now flourishing on 3,000 acres of their own land.

A fighter at heart, Justin has returned to MMA fighting, but this time he is fighting for someone besides himself.

“I still love MMA, and my work in the Congo didn’t change that,” he says. “But it did change me. I’m not fighting for myself anymore. I’m fighting to bring attention and change to those who don’t have voice.”

Today Justin uses his platform to stand up not just for the Pygmies, but for all those who don’t have a voice. He regularly speaks to raise awareness for the plight of the Pygmies, as well as those who are bullied, and those suffering from depression and addiction.